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A is for Alpaca

All About Alpacas!

Pricing: Age 13+ and adults - $15
Ages 6-12 - $10
Ages 5 and under - Free

Please note - Cash only - at this time we do not accept checks or credit cards. However, we can accept PayPal.
Call for Details: 8434670043

Service Description

What's an Alpaca?! What country are alpacas from? Are alpacas and llamas cousins? What do you do with all that fiber? These and other questions will be answered when you visit our alpaca farm. Visitors will meet our alpacas, learn about these gentle animals and what we do with all that FIBER!

Must have a reservations - call 843-467-0043 or send us an email


*If raining, event will be rescheduled.
*All visits, both shopping and tours MUST be scheduled in advance
*No more than 8 people in a group
*Sanitizer will be used before entering (supplied by us)
*We do not allow pets (no outside or therapeutic support animals on the farm, including tours. Our goal is to educate the community and observe these peaceful animals without causing them stress. Because they are naturally an animal of prey, other animals that they are not used to being around are looked at as a threat to them. We appreciate your cooperation.
*This is a no touch tour. You will enjoy seeing the alpacas and learning about them, but without touching them.
*This is an outside tour, please dress appropriately -- if it's very hot outside, come prepared with a water bottle and sun screen. No outside food is allowed.
*Photos are allowed and the alpacas may come up to the fence while you are visiting. Alpacas are curious animals, but we make no guarantee that they will come up to the fence.

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Terms of Service

We are a small, private farm. Classes will be small (max. 8 students). If you feel sick, have been around someone who is sick, feel you are in the highly vulnerable category, please plan to join us another time in the future. We always keep a clean space, but will also have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available in many easily accessible locations, there is also a sink and hand soap available to wash hands whenever you feel the need. We encourage you to wear a mask, however, we will not require a mask due to the small class size -- we will be able to safely social distance. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, please wait until we are no longer dealing with this 'new abnormal' to register for a class. Learning something new and laughter is an excellent boost for your immune system as well as your mind and soul. We hope you can join us!

No pets, service or therapy animals are permitted on the farm property.