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Alpaca Fiber for the Birds!

Bird Nesting Baskets

Price: $19.00

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Product Specs

  • suet wire basket
  • 100% Alpaca Fiber
  • for both wild and domesticated birds

Product Description

Bird Nesting Wire Baskets - filled with 100% Alpaca fiber for the birds.

Natural alpaca fiber in a wire basket that the birds will love for their nests! This makes a great gift for bird lovers. Can be used for both wild and domestic birds and they can easily access the nesting material. The wire basket (suet cage) can be used year round and can be easily refilled.

Note: Refill fiber is available in 6 oz packages and priced at $10 when purchased separately. Combos (one prefilled wire basket and two 6 oz. packaged refills) are also available priced at $26. Send me a message if you want the combo.